Bayliner Boat Top Set - Side Curtains and Slant Back Curtain

  • Manufactured by: Bayliner

Starting at: $1,599.00

Stay out on the Water Longer with Your New Bayliner 4 Piece Boat Top Set

Bayliner 4 Piece Boat Top Set - Comes complete with;
1. Boat Top
2. Side Curtains
3. Slant Stern Curtain

• Factory original Bayliner patterns – We can guaranty a perfect fit to your Bayliner Boat.
• Made in Sunbrella Marine Acrylic - fabric of choice for today’s boaters!
• Our Five Year Full Extended Warranty - #1 warranty in the boating industry for canvas.

Bayliner 4 PC Boat Top Set is available for the following boats;

Hull# - Year - MFG - Model

BA 1994-97 Bayliner Capri BB1850SS, CB1851SS, CA1702LS, CS1850LS, CR1800LS, CK2052LS

BF 1996-98 Bayliner Capri 2252LS
BF 1998-02 Bayliner Capri Classic 2352LS Cabin Cruiser

BK 2001-06 Bayliner Capri BL2152CS, BK2152, BX2150, BZ2150CS
BK 2005-08 Bayliner Cuddy 652CU, 212CU, 2152

BV 2001-02 Bayliner Capri Capri BU1950CS, BT1950, BV1952, BW1952CS

BW 2001-02 Bayliner Capri 1950CS BT1950 BV1952 BW1952CS

CA 1990-91 Bayliner Capri CA2252, CA19'
CA 1995-97 Bayliner Capri CA1702LS

CB 1992 Bayliner Capri CB1851, CR1800, CS1850
CB 1993 Bayliner 1851 Capri CR1800, CS1850, CK2052

CC 1983-86 Bayliner Capri 1702
CC 1987 Bayliner Capri 1702 CT
CC 1988-89 Bayliner Capri 1702 CT

CC 1990-91 Bayliner Capri 1802
CC 1992 Bayliner Capri 1702
CC 1994-97 Bayliner Capri CX2050 CZ
CC 1998-00 Bayliner Capri 1702

CE 1990-91 Bayliner Capri CE2072, CK2052, CJ2002
CE 1992 Bayliner Capri CE2072 CK2052

CJ 1983-85 Bayliner Capri CK 1950 CJ 1900
CJ 1990-91 Bayliner Capri 2072CE, 2052CK
CJ 1998-00 Bayliner Capri 1600CE, 1800CJ, 1750CH, 1804PC 19'
CJ 2001-06 Bayliner Capri 1850CB, 1850BH, 1800CJ 18'

CK 1982-85 Bayliner Capri CJ 19'
CK 1986-87 Bayliner Capri 19'
CK 1988-89 Bayliner Capri CA, CG, CJ, CP 19'
CK 1990-91 Bayliner Capri 2072CE, 2002CJ, 2052CK
CK 1992 Bayliner CC, Capri 2072CE, 2052CK, 2070CP 19'
CK 1993 Bayliner Capri CX2050
CK 1994-97 Bayliner Capri 1702CA, 1851CB, 1800CR, 1850CS, 2050CK
CK 1998-00 Bayliner Capri 2052CK
CK 2006 Bayliner 212 Cuddy

CN 1992-98 Bayliner Capri 192, CU 1952
CN 1999-06 Bayliner Capri 192, CU1952

CP 1988-89 Bayliner Capri CA, CG, CK, CJ, CX 19'
CP 1989-91 Bayliner Capri 2000CG, 2052CK, 2002CJ, 2050CX CP2070 19'
CP 1992 Bayliner Capri 2000CG, 2052CK, 2255CJ, 2050CX 19'
CP 1996-06 Bayliner Ciera 2252

CR 1987 Bayliner Capri CS1750 CR 1700
CR 1988-89 Bayliner Capri 1700

CT 1990-91 Bayliner Capri 1802CC

CU 2000-06 Bayliner 212

CX 1992 Bayliner Capri 1950
CX 1994-97 Bayliner Capri CX2050 CZ2050 CC2051

CY 1991 Bayliner Capri CA2150
CY 1993-96 Bayliner Capri 1604CY
CY 1996-98 Bayliner Capri 2050 NF

CX 1994-97 Bayliner Cari CX2050, 2050CZ, 2051CC [Also available with a cruise curtain]

CZ 1995-97 Bayliner Capri 2051CC, 2050CX

EG 1987-89 Bayliner Avanti 3250 [Also available with a cruise curtain - NOTE - no side curtains available]

KC 1997 Bayliner Arriva KC2552, KD2252, KE2250, KF1550

KD 1996-97 Bayliner Arriva KC2552 KD2252 KE2250 KF1550

NY 97-98

PK 1992-93 Bayliner Quantum 2154

Image above is provided as an example of our product - Your canvas may not be exactly as shown as each year and model have slight variances.

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