Bayliner and Trophy - Hard Top 4 Piece Curtain Set

  • Manufactured by: Bayliner

Starting at: $1,799.00

The Bayliner and Trophy - Hard Top Curtain Set is ideal for when you need to get out of the rain.

Bayliner and Trophy - Hard Top Curtain Set comes complete with;

1. Front Curtain
2. Side Curtains
3. Cruise Curtain

• Factory original Bayliner & Trophy patterns – We can guaranty a perfect fit to your Boat.
• Made in Sunbrella Marine Acrylic - fabric of choice for today’s boaters!
• Our Five Year Full Extended Warranty - #1 warranty in the boating industry for canvas.

Bayliner and Trophy - Hard Top Curtain Set is available for the following boats;

Hull# - Year - MFG - Model

FH 1992-96 Bayliner Trophy 2502
FH 1997-01 Bayliner  Trophy 2802

FN 2005
Bayliner Trophy 2352 [AT-TM]

FS 1995-97 Bayliner Trophy 2352

FT 1995-97 Bayliner Trophy 2302

FV 1996-98 Bayliner Trophy 2352

FW 1996-98 Bayliner Trophy 2509

Hard Top Curtain Set; Complete with front curtain, side curtains and cruise curtain

NOTE: Answer to our most frequently asked question - The snap fasteners are already in my boat, will your canvas line up with mine?

We do not install the snaps. We provide you with the snaps and the installation tool.
That way you can line the snaps on the canvas up with the snaps already on your boat eliminating the need to re-drill the boat.

Image above is provided as an example of our product - Your canvas may not be exactly as shown as each year and model have slight variances.

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