Custom Storage Boat Cover - Made for Boats with T-Tops

  • Manufactured by: Bayliner

Our Custom Trailer/storage Boat Covers are made to measure from boat owners supplying measurements and pics of their boat.

The only way to do a full boat cover would be going over the T-Top.

This cover comes with a drawstring sewn into the hem.
Loops sewn in around the hem as tie-down points so you can install your own straps for trailering.

For this example we are using a Bayliner Trophy Boat with a T-Top.

trophy boat - t-top

Each cover will be custom made so we need the following measurements;

1. Measure from rub rail up to top of bow rail =

2. Measure from top of bow rail up to front of T-Top =

3. Measure from front of T-Top to back of
T-Top =

4. Measure the width of 
T-Top =

5. Measure from back of
T-Top to the bottom of stern rub rail =

6. Widest point - would be from rub rail up and over
T-Top back down to rub rail =

7. Also need overall length =

8. Also need beam width =

Made in Marine Polyester - Colors Available = Blue, Green, Grey and Tan

This will determine how much fabric and labor is required to make your cover.

Then we can provide you a quote for your boat.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s what I want you to do next;

1. Print this page as reference when you go measure your boat.
2. Email us with your measurements so we can provide you a quote. 

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