Custom Storage Boat Cover - Made for Hardtop Boats

  • Manufactured by: Bayliner

Our Custom Trailer/storage Boat Covers are made to measure from boat owners supplying measurements and pics of their boat.

The only way to do a full boat cover would be going over the hardtop.

This cover comes with a drawstring sewn into the hem.
Loops sewn in around the hem as tie-down points so you can install your own straps for trailering.

For this example we are using the 2002 Bayliner 2859 Ciera Classic Hardtop


Each cover will be custom made so we need the following measurements;

1. Measure from rub rail up to top of bow rail =

2. Measure from top of bow rail up to front of hardtop =

3. Measure from front of hardtop to back of hardtop =

4. Measure the width of  hardtop =

5. Measure from back of hardtop to the bottom of stern rub rail =

6. Widest point - would be from rub rail up and over hardtop back down to rub rail =

7. Also need overall length =

8. Also beam width =

Made in Marine Polyester - Colors Available = Blue, Green, Grey and Tan

This will determine how much fabric and labor is required to make your cover.

Then we can provide you a quote for your boat.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s what I want you to do next;

1. Print this page as reference when you go measure your boat.
2. Email us with your measurements so we can provide you a quote. 

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