Do-it-Yourself Cockpit/Bow Cover Kit - Sunbrella


Providing added attention to a cover for your boat is required to keep your boat in pristine condition at all times.

Know someone who can sew? Make your own boat covers and save!

They keep dust, snow, harsh rain, and other elemental factors away from your boat.

If you do not protect your boat from these harsh elements, then the lovely friend called corrosion will show up and immediately devalue this prized possession.

Our boat cover kits come with everything you need to make a custom fit cockpit cover and bow cover for your 16'-19' runabout/bow rider boat.

 You will receive:

  •   9 yards of 60" wide Genuine Sunbrella Marine Fabric
  •     25 yards of Sunbrella 7/8" centerfold binding
  •     25 yards of 1 1/2" poly webbing for reinforcing
  •     1 1035 yard spool of Outdoor Thread
  •     100 snap fasteners with installation tool
  •     100 stainless screws and snap studs
  •     2 telescopic adjustable support poles
  •     Basic instructions
  •     Telephone and email support

Also...receive a complimentary bottle of IOSSO Seam Sealer FREE with each purchase of a cover kit. ($12.99 value)

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