Boat Canvas FAQ

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We it comes to our snap-on canvas products such as Complete Boat Top Sets and Cockpit Covers - Here are Answers to some of our most common Frequently Asked Questions;

Q -  How can I get a price on factory original Boat Top Set and Cockpit Cover?
A - Please provide the hull number for your boat. That's how we can search our data base for factory original canvas. You will find the hull number stamped into the fiberglass on back of boat, usually on the driver side below rub rail. It should also be on your ownership papers. It will be a series of numbers and letters, the last two always end in the year of your boat.Pics of your boat would also be a help with our quote. Then I can see what's available in canvas for your boat.

Q - Can I get a price for just the boat top or side curtains?
Sorry we do not sell partial tops because there can be issues. Because we are not physically fitting to your canvas, we cannot guaranty a perfect fit to your existing top pieces. Being an older boat, canvas does change size over the years whether it be stretching or shrinking. That and all tops are made by people, so there is always the chance that zippers are not sewn exactly the same as they were on original. This is based on 40 years experience in the boat canvas industry - selling partial top sets in most cases, it always becomes a headache for me and my unsatisfied customer. Sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't. Just being honest here - I hope your understand were I'm coming from. An alternative would be a local canvas shop who could design it to your existing top for a good fit.

Q - I have the boat top, do you sell the curtains separate?
A- I'm sorry to say we do not have pics of canvas for all models of Boats - I wish I did, it would make my job much easier. They are just not made available as most Boat Manufactures never keep that kind of information over the years.

Q - I would like a price on a Bimini Top only - not a Boat Top Set?
These 3 measurements will help you determine what size Bimini top you need....
A. Width (inches) The width represents the distance between the two mounting points located on each side of the boat. Take care in measuring from the center point of that surface since it is the location where the top should be mounted.
B. Length (feet) We offer 3 different options: 5, 6 and 8 feet. You simply have to determine the area that you would like to have covered and shaded.
C. Height (inches) The height is also a personal choice. You must determine the desired clearance allowing you to move easily around the boat. To do so, stand inside the boat and measure from the mounting point (where the top will be installed) straight up to the desired height.
Take into consideration that the higher the top is, the more you risk losing the shading effect. On the other hand, the lower the top is, the more difficult it becomes to move around the boat.

Q - How do I know your boat canvas will fit my boat?
A - We have never had a boat top not fit yet. The tops are created based on the hull number you have provided and manufactured from factory patterns that were recorded for your exact boat.

Q - The snap fasteners are already in my boat, will your canvas line up with mine?
A - We do not install the fasteners - We provide you with the snaps and the installation tool. That way you can line the snaps on the canvas up with the snaps already on your boat eliminating the need to re-drill the boat.

Q - Is this the best price you can do for shipping overseas?
A - To provide you the best shipping rates overseas - Please provide your complete shipping address and we will see what we can do for you. Also keep in mind, if  you know anyone who maybe be travel ling to the USA in the near future that may be able to bring the canvas back to you? If so we can ship anywhere in USA for as little as $50.

Q - I have a top on my boat, can I get cut-outs installed in my new cockpit cover?
A - it depends on where the original canvas was installed. If the Bimini and cover were installed at the factory they sometimes do have the cut-outs. If they were shipped to the dealer then they may not have them. What happens is most Bimini tops are installed at the dealer by everyone from a mechanic to the washer boy and they don't always install in the exact location. Also sometimes when these patterns were created they failed to make note of the cut-outs. Another reason is the Bimini top is not installed in the same location as the complete boat top set. Sounds confusing but that's the truth - If your new cockpit cover comes without cut-outs - you can get that done locally or if you mark the location of the cut-outs, you could ship it back to us to have done.

Q - Will I be paying duty or brokerage fees?
A - It will depend on where we are shipping to and what product you are purchasing. Some of our boat canvas products are manufactured in Canada and some are manufactured in the USA. If this is a concern to you then contact us for details before you order - It's too late after you order.

Q- Will my new canvas be the same as the pic provided?
A - Image above is provided as an example of our product - Your canvas may not be exactly as shown as each year and model have slight variances.

Here is our Terms of Service