Maxum Closed Deck Cockpit Cover - Attached over Windshield

  • Manufactured by: Maxum

Starting at: $997.00

Maxum Closed Deck Cockpit Cover - Attached over Windshield for the Maxum Sport Cruiser;

• This style of cockpit cover protects your boat windshield from getting scratched and will not be damaged by exposure to sun.
• Most practical cover for when your not using your boat.
• The cockpit can be installed very easily when your boat is in the water.
• Factory original Maxum patterns – We can guaranty a perfect fit to your Maxum Boat.
• Made in Sunbrella Marine Acrylic - fabric of choice for today’s boaters!
• Our Five Year Full Extended Warranty - #1 warranty in the boating industry for canvas.

Maxum Closed Deck Cockpit Cover - Attached over Windshield is available for the following boats;

Hull# - Year - MFG - Model

MA 2005-09 Maxum Sport Cruiser 2600SE

MH 2008-09 Maxum Sport Cruiser 2900SE

MJ 2007-09 Maxum Sport Cruiser 2500SE
MJ 1994-99 Maxum Sport Cruiser 3155MJ, 3200SCR

MK 1997-02 Maxum Sport Cruiser 3000SCR, 01-3100SCR

MR 2001-06 Maxum Sport Cruiser 2555, 2500SCR

MS 1994-02 Maxum Sport Cruiser 2355, 2400SCR

MT 1999-07 Maxum Sport Cruiser R/Wing With Radar 2755, 2700SCR

MU 1999-06 Maxum Sport Cruiser 2800SCR, 2001-2900SCR, 2003-2900SE

MV 1999-07 Maxum Sport Cruiser 3300SCR

MX 2002-09 Maxum Sport Cruiser 3100SCR

NH 2007 Maxum Sport Cruiser 2100SC

NS 1999-02 Maxum 1900 SC

Image above is provided as an example of our product - Your canvas may not be exactly as shown as each year and model have slight variances.

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