2004 Monterey 248 BR Snap-in Carpets

Josh from Texas purchased custom snap-in carpets for his 2004 Monterey 248 BR. This is what he had to say:

It looks great! Not hard to install. I used the single hole punch and die with the snaps I purchased. I had 50 snaps and you could do it in about 2-3 hours. Once you lay out the carpet and use a sharpie to mark where the snaps go based on where they line up with the old snaps in the the boat.
I used a nail to poke the hole through the material and it’s important to get a mail the same size as the snap or you’ll have a real hard time pushing the snap through the backing. I used a heavy mallet not a sledge but a heavy hammer and gave it one to two firm taps to set the snap. I bought a $50 dollar snap tool initially but the snap dies did not line up and when it crimped the snap it never crimped the entire snap. I don’t reckoned the cheap ones that have a die welded to a vice grip. If it’s one where the dies line up exactly vertically the whole time you will be ok but they run $150. I opted for the old school way and it turned out great.

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