2008 SunTracker Party Barge 18FT Pontoon Testimonial

2008  SunTracker Party Barge 18FT

Hey guys. Received and installed the enclosure I ordered from you. It fits well. I did make a minor adjustment as you recommended if necessary and moved it forward a little bit. Made for a better fit. 

You guys actually surprised me. I was a little tentative about ordering something of that expense online and having to send measurements.

2008  SunTracker Party Barge 18FT-1

Was worried that it would not fit. My hats off to you guys, my Canadian brothers and sisters!!! You have now made it possible for me to get out on the water year round. I hate down time.

I am a disabled Marine and this means the world to me. Again thank you for a fine product. I will recommend you guyswhenever possible to friends with boats.

2008  SunTracker Party Barge 18FT-2

I live on Laurel Lake in Corbin, Kentucky.  I will now be going out on it,  Lake Cumberland  in Kentucky, and Norris Lake in  Tennessee year round.

The enclosure fits well. Tight snapping in some areas. Hoping it will loosen up in time a little. I believe it will.

2008  SunTracker Party Barge 18FT-3

When I was out on the lake the other day. I was perfectly comfortable inside the cabin area. Out of the wind and the elements.

Saw other people in bass boats and pontoons dressed for winter freezing there butts off!! And they all were looking at my boat as I went trolling by. 

2008  SunTracker Party Barge 18FT-4

Thanks again you guys. I will gladly refer you to any persons I come across interested in an enclosure. Again, hats off to my brothers and sisters up in Canada.   Vincent, USMCR Kentucky

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